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Prime Care Bed P703


Model #: P703


For those seeking the pinnacle of hospital bed technology, the Prime Care Bed Model P703 emerges as a premier choice. Crafted to accommodate patients weighing up to 550 lbs., this bed marries convenience with innovation, making it an ideal option for both hospital environments and home care scenarios. Its adjustable height range from 7" to 30" is thoughtfully designed to facilitate ease of use for nursing staff, ensuring both patient comfort and operational efficiency.


  • Weight Capacity: Can support up to 550 lbs., with a recommended resident weight limit of 500 lbs.
  • Adjustable Height Range: Offers a versatile height adjustment from 7" to 30".
  • Optional Integrated Width Adjustment: Allows for width changes between 39" to 42" to accommodate different space requirements.
  • Flexible Sleep Surface Length: Integrated options for sleep surface lengths of 76", 80", and 84" to suit various user heights.
  • Safety Floor Lock System: Features a two-way Red/Green color-coded floor lock system for enhanced safety.
  • Control: Includes an Eight (8) Function Handheld Pendant Control for easy adjustments.
  • Auto Contour: Simplifies the process of adjusting bed contours for user comfort.
  • Synchronized Hi/Lo Control System: Employs 4 DC Motors to ensure the bed remains level during height adjustments.
  • Durability: Incorporates four sealed bearings secured in a "G" track for lasting performance.
  • Convenience: Comes equipped with IV pole holders to accommodate medical equipment.
  • Extended Heel Lift: Provides additional support for the heels, enhancing user comfort.
  • Mobility: Features eight 3" Heavy Duty casters that facilitate easy movement at any height.
  • Protection: Includes a fixed adjustable wall bumper to prevent damage to walls during movement.

Sleep Surface - 80", 84" or 88"
Base Width: 36"
Optional Width Expansion: 39" and 42"
Super Low Height - 7" from ground
Product Weight: 205 lbs
Weight Capacity: 550 lbs