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Magic Mobility Frontier v6

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Color: Red
Style: Frontier Series

Model #: Frontier v6


The Magic Mobility Frontier V6 all-terrain mid-wheel drive power wheelchair provides tremendous off-road and curb-climbing capabilities. Its low pressure tires provide a smoother ride and give the Frontier V6 increased climbing ability. The Frontier V6 is the ideal outdoor wheelchair, yet its size makes it a capable indoor performer, too!


  • Greatest off-road capability in the Frontier range
  • Best Frontier model for curb climbing
  • Exceptionally smooth ride due to its low-pressure tires
  • Splash-resistant (not waterproof)

LED Lighting Kit - Have you gone out for some nighttime exploration? Turn on the Frontier V6's powerful LED lights. Installed on rubber supports, these lights are flexible and shock-resistant. The advantages of front and rear lights can't be overstated: they increase safety while also improving the visibility of the surroundings and yourself!

Power Seat Elevate

  • Independence: Having the ability to elevate up to 12" enables greater independence by providing better accessibility to the things you need and love to do.

  • Reach: It's simply easier to reach items when in an elevated position. The 12 inches of lift is easily noticeable, making reaching things like light switches and checkout counters that much easier.

  • Increased visibility: Sitting at a concert or sports event doesn't always provide the best experience, especially if those around you are standing, obscuring your view of the main event. An elevation of 12 inches gives you the boost to be at standing height, making these standing experiences much more enjoyable.

  • Social interaction: The 12" lift makes social interactions much easier and more enjoyable.

  • For children: Being at eye level to their fellow classmates and friends through the use of the power lift function can help reduce the negative stigma that may affect young wheelchair users. This can result in more enriching positive experiences for children.


Product Width:
All Terrain: 28"
Hybrid: 27.3"
Product Length:
41.3" (without footrest)
Seat Width:
Rehab seat: 13"-23"
Comfort (MPS) seat: 16"-22"
Seat Depth:
Rehab seat: 13"-24"
Comfort (MPS) seat: 16"-20"
Seat-to-Floor Height:
Back Height:
Rehab back: 16.5"-24"
Comfort (MPS) back: 22" & 26"
Turning Radius:
Product Information
Starting Retail Price:
Max. Speed:
6 mph
Drive Wheel Position:
Yes; this product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19.
User Weight Capacity:
400 lbs.
With power tilt and/or elevate: 340 lbs.
Product Weight:
Starting at 320 lbs.

Color: Red
Style: Frontier Series