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Magic Mobility Frontier v4

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Color: Red
Style: Frontier Series

Model #: Frontier v4


The Frontier V4 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) is a power wheelchair for those who know what they want. The Frontier V4 RWD is designed for those who won't accept compromises in street, off-road, or indoor performance.r, too!


Safe, Confident Off-Roading - The Frontier V4's combination of a stability roller and an inclinometer enables safe, confident off-roading. An inclinometer is a device that measures the wheelchair's angle of tilt relative to a flat surface. The inclinometer is fitted to the Frontier V4 so that when the powerchair reaches an unsafe angle, it will not drive forward. This helps to prevent the driver from attempting to climb up an unsafe slope that would otherwise result in tipping the chair. The stability roller for the Frontier V4 is available as either a roller or wheel option.

Compact, Forward-Folding Backrest - The Frontier V4's forward-folding backrests have been designed to reduce the height of the wheelchair to fit into everyday SUVs, trucks, station wagons, and airplane cargo holds. Available with either the Rehab or Comfort (MPS) seating and backrests. When combined with a removable backrest and seat cushion, the forward-folding functionality enables the wheelchair's size to be significantly reduced depending on its configuration. The wheelchair height folds down to approximately 24.5″ on the Frontier V4 power wheelchair.

Hybrid Option - Don't need all-out off-road performance? The Frontier V4 RWD Hybrid wheel & tire package provides better indoor maneuverability while remaining a capable all-terrain wheelchair.


Product Width:
All Terrain: 28"
Hybrid: 25"
Product Length:
Seat Width:
Rehab seat: 13"-23"
Comfort (MPS) seat: 16"-22"
Seat Depth:
Rehab seat: 13"-24"
Comfort (MPS) seat: 16"-20"
Seat-to-Floor Height:
Back Height:
Rehab back: 16.5"-24"
Comfort (MPS) back: 22" & 26"
Turning Radius:
Product Information
Starting Retail Price:
Max. Speed:
6 mph
Drive Wheel Position:
Yes; this product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19.
User Weight Capacity:
400 lbs.
With lift and/or tilt: 340 lbs.
Product Weight:
Starting at 320 lbs.

Color: Red
Style: Frontier Series