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Prime Care Bed P503


Model #: P503


The Prime Care Bed Model P503 redefines excellence in patient care with its unparalleled design and functionality. Crafted to support up to 450 lbs., it stands out for its blend of convenience and advanced technology, ideal for both healthcare facilities and home care environments. Its superior adjustability, with a height range from 7.8" to 30", ensures caregiver ease and patient comfort. Featuring integrated length extensions and an intuitive Eight (8) Function Handheld Pendant with Auto Contour, the P503 offers personalized comfort adjustments. Equipped with three DC Motors for stable, level lifting, silent bearings, and versatile casters, the Prime Care Bed Model P503 is the epitome of innovative patient care solutions.


  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 450 lbs., with a recommended resident weight of 425 lbs.
  • Adjustable Height Range: Offers a best-in-class height adjustment from 7.8" to 30".
  • Length Extension: Integrated extensions for lengths of 76" and 80", catering to various user needs.
  • Handheld Pendant Control: Comes with an Eight (8) Function Handheld Pendant that includes Auto Contour for personalized comfort. 
  • Stability Mechanism: Equipped with 3 DC Motors to maintain bed level through true vertical lifting.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation: Features four sealed bearings for smooth and quiet lifting.
  • Mobility: Eight 3" Heavy Duty casters for easy movement at any height, including 4 with locking mechanisms and 2 with caster guide locks for enhanced stability.
  • Safety: Includes a fixed wall bumper to protect surroundings.

Sleep Surface - 76" and 80"
Base Width: 36"
Super Low Height - 7" from ground
Product Weight: 210 lb
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs