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Cloud with Twilight

$2,920.00 $2,560.00 Save 12%
Size: Small / Medium
Style: 5 Zone Lift Chairs


The Cloud™ is a luxury power lift recliner offering our one-of-a-kind, ergonomic seating system for long-term comfort and support.

It features our custom bucket seat and plush backrest, and your positioning options are endless with our 5-Zone positioning system, which includes our patented Twilight Technology, patented MaxiComfort® Positioning, adjustable headrest & lumbar support and much more.

Sit back in Twilight and elevate your feet above the heart, allowing you to experience a feeling of weightlessness.


    Comfort Zones: 5 Zone Chairs
    Size: Small/Med
    Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
    Twilight Tilt: Yes


    Overall width: 36”
    Overall height: 42
    Seat depth: 19
    Dis req from wall reclined: 23”

    Size: Small / Medium
    Style: 5 Zone Lift Chairs